Warren Betts

Warren is a long time racer most lately in Aussie mudcle cars having comptered in a Commodore VP SS an E49 Charger Torana Hatchback and now an SLR 5000.
Make Holden
Model Torana SLR 5000
Year 1974
Race Number 82
Engine Capacity  5000cc
Gearbox M22
Rear Axle Borg Warner
Brakes F: Wilwood
R: Commodore
Modifications more coming
Car History Ex Phil Rae where it was raced in Production Muscle Cars
Driver History
Have raced Formula 3, 2, and Super bikes, Started racing cars in the Commodore Car Club Sprint series in my VP SS, then moved to Production Muscle Cars and firstly started in an E49 Charger, then raced my Torana hatch and am now currently racing my Torana SLR5000 replica.
Occupation Occupation: Builder of 30 years
Sponsors Kayton at Real Rides and Wayne at Henderson Automotive
Thanks to The folks, my partner Ann, Neil, Kayton @ Real Rides, Wayne @ Henderson Automotive, Gene & Craig at Glenburn Tyres, Natalie, Lee @ Diffs R Us, Dave @ Engine Parts