Vince Douglas

Vince is one of Cam's many cousins, sometime referred to as the good cousin.
Cam Crawford
Make Ford
Model XA Falcon Coupe
Year 1972
Race Number  30
Engine Capacity  6100cc
Gearbox 4 speed Jerico 
Rear Axle Ford 9", Trutrac, full floater
Brakes Front: Brembo 4 pot
Rear:  Brembo 4 pot
Modifications Adjustable coli over front shocks, dart block with CHI 3V heads, QFT carb  
Car History Ex Cam Crawford. 
Driver History  Raced original Muscle Productions 30 years ago in xa gt 4 door. (so, not much)

Neat and Tidy Bins Ltd
Race Chilled Limited

Thanks to Awesome Cousin (Cam Crawford 98)