Round 2 Pukekohe Park Raceway Saturday 8th October 2022

It was a fine Saturday at Pukekohe for our second to last round at the famous old track, the day was not without its difficulties as because of horse training we could not get on the track until 10 and parts of the in-field area we not available for parking.
It was great to see two new members racing with us for the first time Barrie Richards with the ex Dean Hansen yellow HQ and Jay Hunter in a blue 1995 Mustang unfortunately due to some mechanical gremlins Jay did not get onto the track.

Barrie certainly came all fired up with his new car and was fastest of the NMC cars with a 1:02.927, Kayton with his silver HQ was just a sliver behind with a 1:03.774 then was Colin in the big block Corvette and then Paul in the pink Torana. Mike Oldham was next in his repowered 65 Mustang and then Cam Crawford who was driving his very cool Mercury Cyclone for the first time in 3 years and the came Andrew Ross is the yellow XE Falcon as the only member on the day in class B.

Race 1 was a scratch start as we all of the races this race day, Kayton just managed to get a better start. Paul also managed a great start but in the end could not hold off the big horsepower cars and was soon left behind by the Corvette and then passed by Mike in the Mustang and then Cam in the Cyclone and so the race ended with Kayton leading home Barrie, then Colin Mike and Cam.

Race 2, now 7 laps because the meeting was getting behind due to the late start, was similar to race 1 other than the fact Paul has a steering wheel issue which required him to come into the pits and Colin has an off-track excursion coming out of the hairpin on Lap 1 which allowed Mike and Cam through to follow home Kayton and Barrie.

Race 3 was also 7 laps but Barrie got the better start and with pressure from Kayton with his improvised engine mount fix lowered his time to 1.02.9 and so was the winner from Kayton then Mike and Colin. Paul was next as Cam also had a close look at the grass at the hairpin also allowing Andrew to get past.

The points after Round 2 are now:
Class A
1st Kayton 720, 2nd Barrie 427, 3rd Troy 418
Class B
1st Andrew

Posted: Wed 19 Oct 2022