Round 8 Taupo 29th May 2022

Round 8 Taupo 29 May 2022

Not surprisingly the temperature was cold, even for those of us that were lucky enough to get a garage as these were in short supply due to the GTRNZ guys racing at this meeting as well. There were only three of us at Taupo, being Craig Horn in the ex Veen Smith Commodore, Chris Anderson in the JPS Mustang and myself in Pinky. As usual we were combined with the Racing Saloons along with 4 RX7s from NZRRE.

Pinky managed to spin at turn two of lap 1 on brand new tyres in the very cold conditions but in the end was the fastest NMC car with a relatively slow time of 1:43.8.

Race 1, Pinky was 3rd overall and the first NMC car home with a best lap time of 1:41.7 followed by a rapidly improving Craig who had a best lap time of 1:42.1 and then Chris.

Race 2 was as usual a handicap race and was held in dry conditions although it had rained earlier. Craig wound up being the first NMC car home in 2nd place overall with a best lap time of 1:42.3, with Pinky in 8th place overall just in front of Chris.

Race 3 This was also a handicap race but was held in wet conditions which caused the field to be depleted as not all competitors had wet weather tyres. Pinky was somehow at the front of the field along with an RX7 but managed to lead into the first corner and was never headed.

That, folks, is the end of a very disrupted season which only saw 12 members compete, let's see if we can do better next season.

The final results for the season are:

Class A

1st Paul Burnet
2nd Colin Schischka
3rd Craig Horn


Class B

1st Chris Anderson
2nd Andrew Ross
3rd Paul Ives (in Craig Horn’s Torana)


Posted: Thu 02 Jun 2022