Round 7 Pukekohe Park Raceway Sunday 2nd May 2021

Round 7
A perfectly fine but very cool day greeted us at Pukekohe Park Raceway for the last round of our series terminating a very challenging season both with COVID and numbers of competitors.
As has become usual this season we were combined with Racing Saloons we also did have a few of extra cars with David Hopper driving the Army Camaro, John McKechnie in the genuine Cambridge Monaro, Jason Rati in the red Falcon XA coupe and Craig Mayall in the V6 Commodore.
It was also great to see Wes Kidby back in his white SLR L34 Torana and Robbo Robinson in his 65 Mustang.

Qualifying went well with Tony Galbraith in the Charger fastest with a 1:09.0 
followed by Steve Doughty in the Camaro with a 1:10.7 and then David Hopper at 1:11.9

Class B / Invitation was led by Robbo Robinson at 1.17.3 and then Craig Hyland in his 4 door Monaro followed by Andrew Ross in the Pinepac replica Falcon.

Race 1 Went without incident with Tony leading the field home with a best time of 1:08.6 followed by Steve Doughty in his Camaro at 1:09.5. In Class B the finishing order was Robbo with a great time of 1:13.6 and then Craig with a time of 1:14.9 followed by Wes.

Race 2, our first handicap race did not have a good outcome due to the fact of 
an incident involving David Hopper, Robbo Robin and Wes Kidby which resulted
in a reasonable amount of damage to Robbo’s and Wes’s car causing then to have
no further involvement in the days racing.

Guest John McKechnie in the Monaro lead the field home followed by Craig Hyland with a best time of 1:13.6 and Andrew Ross.

Race 3 was our final race and another handicap, but this time Tony had things well under control with another great time of 1:08.2 Chris Anderson was second of the NMC cars home closely followed by Craig Hyland.

The final points positions are Class A: 1st Steve Doughty, 2nd Tony Galbraith, 3rd Colin Schischka.
                                          Class B: 1st Chris Anderson, 2nd Andrew Ross,   3rd Craig Hyland.

Congratulations to the place getters.

Posted: Sat 08 May 2021