Round 3 Hampton Downs Saturday 28th November 2020

Saturday was a good day for this round as the weather was great, unlike the next day which was a bit damp and drizzly.
Again we had a modest number of entries but it was good to see new members Steve Doughty, Glen Chappel and Vince Douglas performing well, along with Andrew Ross back with a real diff now in his Falcon.

Glen ChappelQualifying went well with Glen in the Mustang fastest with a 1:09.763, followed by Tony in the Charger with a 1:10.533 and then Steve in the yellow Camaro with 1:12.634.
Class B was led by Vince in the XA Coupe with a 1:15.094 and then Kevin in his Charger with a 1:15.206 and Chris in his Mustang with a 1:19.329.

Race 1 went without incident with Glen leading the way home followed by Tony and then Steve.
Vince was the leader in Class B who broke into the 1:14s followed by Kevin and then Andrew in the yellow XE Falcon.

Race 2, which was our first handicap race, did not go the same way as race one with Vince’s Falcon coupe stopping with camshaft issues, Colin’s Corvette retiring with gearbox issues and Chris’s black Mustang with gearbox selector challenges. Andrew led the NMC cars home followed by Tony, Steve, Glen and Kevin.

Race 3, our final race and another handicap, started without Kevin in the Charger as his diff seal had failed. The cars got away well and the eventual winner was Steve, closely followed by Tony and Rick in the 67 Camaro then Andrew the first of the group B cars.

The current points are Class A: 1st Tony Galbraith, 2nd Steve Doughty, 3rd Glen Chappel.
Class B: 1st Chris Anderson, 2nd Vince Douglas, 3rd Kevin Burke.

Posted: Mon 07 Dec 2020