Round 1 Hampton Downs Sunday 1st of September 2019

After a very wet August in Auckland Sunday was fine as forecast but very cold and foggy until about 9:30.

We had a reasonable field of a dozen cars with Cam Crawford being an unfortunate late withdrawal in his brand new unraced 1969 Mercury Cyclone his place was taken by a late entry from Tony Galbraith, other members were either previously committed on Fathers days or their cars not quite ready. Cam’s old car the XA Falcon Coupe has been sold to his cousin Vince Douglas but was raced on the day by another cousin Greg Holden known to most as Snapa all very incestuous must be a West Auckland thing.

Qualifying was the beginning of our drama filled day with Kayton stopping with a broken diff and Michael Crawley with a spin and then a fire under the bonnet. Snapa headed the timesheets with a very good 1.11.575 followed by Dave Campbell and Tony Galbraith. Mike Oldham in his new 65 Mustang was the fastest of the Group B cars, then Andrew Ross in his upgrade Pinepac Falcon even though he had brake issues and then Chris Anderson in his upgraded JPS Mustang.

Race 1 got underway at 11:30 well sort of as Dave Campbell unfortunately broken an axle on the warm up lap causing extensive damage and a red flag. Tony managed to get into the lead on lap 2 with Snapa being relegated to 3rd by the flying Allan also on lap 2 however Allan had oil leakage issues and retired on lap 4 allowing Snapa to regain 2nd who was then followed by Colin in the Corvette. The Class B guys had a few dramas as well with Michael just making it to the finish with brake issues, with a similar problem affecting Andrew.

Race 2 was a reverse grid staggered start with the faster group delayed by 20 seconds from the slower group. Compared to what had happened so far this was a relatively uneventful race with Allan and Tony getting to the front on Lap 3 but switching positions on lap 6 but Colin having to stop on lap 4 with diff issues. Veen was 3rd overall and 3rd in class A. Class B was lead home by Andrew followed by Mike and Chris.

Race 3 was our usual handicap but was interrupted on lap 3 by a wheel coming off Allan’s car (snapped wheel studs) causing a red flag when made it fairly easy after that for the fast cars to get to the front and so the race ended with Tony 1st, then Veen followed by Snapa. The Class B cars were headed by Michael and then followed Andrew and Mike.

Posted: Thu 05 Sep 2019