Round 1 Hampton Downs (Sunday 2nd September)

Well for the first race of our new season we had a great entry and really bad weather. I know for sure we would have had another couple of entries if the forecast had of been better.

It was great to see some members who have not raced with us recently back and into it, those members being
Dave Campbell, Michael Crawley, Sean Fowler, Greig Running, Dean Hansen and Pinky.

There was a driver who entered but decided the sunny weather of Northern California where he has been racing recently was more to his liking than a track that was totally wet with small streams running across it.

Qualifying went without incident other than ageing most of the drivers another couple of years, other than Greig Running didn’t manage to get onto the track.
Dean Hansen was fastest followed by Michael Crawley, Ross Golding and Pinky.

Race 1 was interesting with Pinky getting away with less wheel spin than the bigger HP cars and was second out of the hairpin after Dean but soon to be swallowed by Michael Crawley and ultimately by Calvin, which was the finishing order.

Race 2 was as usual our first handicap race with 4 cars starting from Pit Lane Dean of course being the last car away. I think most drivers had some fairly wild moments but there were no incidents requiring safety cars. The eventual winner was Grieg Running followed by Dean and then Veen.

Race 3 started in slightly drier conditions but that soon changed so there was no doubt about which tires one should be using. This race was won by Michael who was having a blinder of a day after a year off, second was Colin in the Corvette who’s big block torque and intermediate tyres was not exactly suited to the conditions, third was that flying yellow HQ of Deans.

I really have to reiterate everyone’s driving was exemplary in very very difficult conditions well done guys and we all get to race again in a few weeks at Pukekohe Park Raceway SATURDAY 13th of October.

Class Placings after the weekend are;
Class A 1st: Dean Hansen, 2nd=: Ross Golding and Calvin Andrew
Class B: 1st Michael Crawley, 2nd: Greig Running, 3rd: Wes Kidby
Invitation: Lee Budd

Posted: Sat 08 Sep 2018