Round 3 Pukekohe Park Raceway (Saturday 9th December)

The weather had been good for a couple of weeks and fortunately stayed that way for our Saturday meeting. We had a good turnout with new members John Mills in the 68 Penrite Camaro, Troy Giuse in the ex Justin Butcher 83 Dick Johnson replica XE Falcon, Daniel Adams in a white VK Commodore and Chris Anderson in the 78 JPS replica Mustang.

Qualifying went smoothly with the new members coping well with a few car issues and the bumps of the track.

Race 1 was fairly eventful with Colin and the Corvette not even making the start due to a rose joint issue which was replaced and allowed Colin to continue later in the day. Tim’s Mercedes had gearbox issues and did not getting off the line, it was eventually pushed back behind the pit wall but not until after a Safety Car had been deployed, racing soon continued with Daniel racing trough the field only to spin at Castrol caused by a deflating tyre. He did mange to get his lap time down from his qualifying 1:35 to a very respectable 1:18. Rick van Swet also did well with getting into the high 1:11’s and almost brand new member Kayton, an excellent 1:12.7, with John Mills also just getting under 1:14. Tony G in the Charger lead the field home followed by Rick and John. Class B was lead home by Wes with a personal best of 1:15.7 with another new member Troy second with Tony M in the blue Falcon 3rd.

Race 2 our usual first handicap race was missing Wes in the Torana due to an electrical issue and John’s Camaro with front suspension problems. The start was a bit of a shambles when 2 of the 3 drivers due to start from the pit lane wound up on the grid and had to do another warm up lap. Once the race started it was with much incident other than Daniel having to retire with power steering issues. Tony G again lead the field home with a best time of a high 1:09, next was Rick followed by Colin. Class B was lead home by Troy, then Tony M and Graham in the Charger.

Race 3 the second handicap started ok albeit without Tony G in that Charger as headers had broken. The race however finished under the safety car and Kayton had a brand new axle snap which took the rear wheel off with dramatic results but not too much other damage fortunately.
This meant that Chris in the JPS Mustang lead the field home followed by Colin and Graham.

Posted: Sun 10 Dec 2017