Round 2 Pukekohe Park Raceway (Sunday 15th October)

Round 2 Pukekohe Park Raceway (Sunday 15th October)
A nice fine day was forecast and that’s what it turned out to be but the day started very cool with the track a little damp. We had a great entry of 17 cars including new members Kayton Coughey in his 350 HQ and Andrew Ross in his Pinepac replica Falcon. The Muscle Car attrition god was certainly present all day however. We had 2 cars not even make it to the track being new member Chris Anderson due to enduring challenges convert his car from 4 stud to 5 stud and Michael Crawley with last moment clutch issues, we did however have a Greig Running as a guest running a Commodore for his very first race meeting.

Was led by Tony G in the Charger followed by Colin S in the Corvette and Colin M in the Camaro. We did however lose returning member Steve Swann in his Torana hatchback with oil line issues.

Race 1
Tony G in the Charger lead this race home comfortably clocking a very good fastest lap time of 1:10.5 next was Colin S in the Corvette and then Allan in the Commodore. Colin M had a bit of an off in the Camaro but no damage, with Andrew Ross retiring his Falcon with head gasket issues, Stu Rowling without a clutch and Tim La Trobe with a broken rear shock.

Race 2
This was as usual our 1st handicap race which was actually won overall by our guest Greig Running but in terms of members Tony G was first home with an even better lap time of 1:09.9 followed by Allan Peace and Ross Graham in the orange Torana Hatchback. Class B was won by Wes in his white L34 Torana, then Kayton and Tony Mackenzie Edwards.

Race 3
We had by now lost another three cars being Ross Graham who needed to return to New Plymouth and Tony G who had another appointment and Allan Pearce.
Colin S in the Corvette won this race followed by Ross Golding in the Malbora Commodore and Colin Meadows in the Camaro.

Posted: Sun 22 Oct 2017