Round 6 Pukekohe Park Raceway (Sunday 13 March 2016)

It was back to the good old days for this race meeting using the original Puke track without the extra corners in the back straight. While some members had chosen not to change their diff ratios and took it a bit quietly in qualifying, others were going all out with Paul managing a PB of 1.05.7; other members’ times were set to improve during the day. 

Race one was a drama-filled event which led to a red flag due to the accident involving Bruce McRae’s Monaro. The race was eventually restarted under the safety car for a couple of laps during which Paul’s Torana managed to destroy the new power steering which resulted in him needing to be towed in at the end of the race. The official placings of the race were Tony Galbraith 1st, followed by Colin Meadows and then Colin Schischka with a great time of 1.05.6.

Race 2 which was a reverse grid staggered start, got under way 3 hours later due to some other track bookings which suited Paul as the power steering managed to be replaced thanks to some quick work by Michael Bristow and Marty Douglas. This race was won by Cam who now had his car running well with a best lap time of 1.05.7, then followed by Veen and Tony Mckenzie-Edwards. Michael Crawley also produced a very good lap time in this race of 1.06.8.

The final race, a handicap one, was thankfully uneventful and was combined with the over 3 litre racing saloons to try and make up some time, as there was to be a 1 hour production car race as the last race of the day. This was led home by Karl Shields, Colin Meadows and then Tony Galbraith. Again there were some great lap times produced with Karl at 1.07.1,Colin Meadows 1.02.5,Veen 1.05.6, Tony Mckenzie-Edwards 1.09.6,Colin Schischka 1.05.8 and Cam 1.04.8.

Posted: Sun 20 Mar 2016