Round 6 Pukekohe Park Raceway (Sun 15th March 2015)

While the weather gods were very kind to us, the mechanical ones decided they would try their best to disrupt the proceedings before they even started, with Dean Perkins, Anthony Baker in his almost-finished 240Z, and Ross Christianson in his LS powered L34 Torana all failing to get to the track on Sunday.During the day we lost Ross Graham with rear suspension damage, Bruce McRae with a broken axle and Stu Rowling with an oil leak, along with Mike Dias in his great looking Winfield replica VN.

Personally I found driving on the full back straight a really fantastic experience which we are planning to repeat again next year.

Qualifying was led by guest Clark Hopkins, followed by Tony Galbraith and Bruce McRae, and then new driver to the track John Midgley in his very nice and fast XD Falcon.

Race 1 was won by Clark, with Tony second followed by John Midgley and Ross Golding in Class B. Paul’s XU-1 Torana led the Corvette of Colin, and then came Michael Crawley.

Race 2 was the first of our two handicaps, with the handicapping giving some great opportunities for drivers to really start lowering their times. Although Tony in the Charger won with a best time of 1.02.5, Clark set the fastest time we were to see all day with a 1.00.6. Ross Golding just managed to beat Paul to the line and achieved a personal best of 1.04.8.

Race 3 The second handicap had the Class B points leader Michael Crawley win his first race, followed by Tony G, Clark and John Midgley with a personal best of 1.03.5.

The racing for us was all over by 2.30 as the Auckland Car Club had gone out of their way to get the racing over quickly to avoid tropical cyclone Pam.

All in all a great day.

The current positions are
Class A 1st Bruce McRae, 2nd Tony Galbraith, 3rd Ross Golding

Class B 1st Michael Crawley, 2nd Rowan Tonkin/David Howell, 3rd Paul Burnet

Invitation Class 1st Tony Gordon, 2nd Mike Dias

Posted: Wed 18 Mar 2015