Round 3 Pukekohe Park Raceway (Sun 16th Nov 2014)

Round 3 Pukekohe Park Raceway (Sun 16th Nov 2014)

The weather forecast had been a bit iffy (that’s a technical metrological term) all week but on the day everyone was able to use their dry tyres for the whole meeting.

It was great to welcome back Billy Dunn in his very fast 68 Camaro and also new member Colin Schischka from Tauranga Corvette Parts in his brand new Monaco Orange race car, a 72 Corvette number 427 (there will be no prizes for guessing the engine in Colin’s car). Ron Findlay was also making his first appearance of the season in his Datsun 260Z.

Paul and Bruce leapt into qualifying with a vigour which led to Bruce getting his second pole of the season with Paul beside on the front row, Billy deciding to take a more relaxed start to the day and qualified 3rd.

Race 1
All cars got underway cleanly, with Billy powering past Paul on the first run down the back straight, where he pressured Bruce the whole way to be just .18 of a second behind as they crossed the finish line. Paul came home 3rd followed by Michael, Rowan, Stu, Colin and Ron. Tony V unfortunately had to withdraw from the meeting when after practice he discovered a loose pulley on the front of the Ford engine.

Race 2
Our first handicap of the day and as we were combined with PMC some of our cars had to start from the pit lane, which would have been fine if Paul had remembered, so Paul and Billy the sheep had to do another warm-up lap to get into the correct position. This slight stuff-up at the start did not seem to phase Billy at all as he went on to win this race by a very slender margin from Rowan, then Bruce, Michael and Paul.

Race 3
Everyone seemed to have the starting process sorted for this race, and it was one where most of the cars caught up to each other on the last lap. Bruce won his second race of the day, followed by Billy and then Ron. There was only one incident in the race which was at the hairpin where Stu took avoiding action only to wind up beached in the sand trap, fortunately with no damage. Again it was a very relaxed, good-natured race meeting, with a couple of non-racing members dropping in to say hello, thanks Cam and Veen. Quote of the day was from Stu: I must have had the f...wit sandwich for lunch.




Posted: Sun 23 Nov 2014