Round 1 Hampton Downs (Sun 6 Sept 2014)

The weather forecast after promising to be ok earlier in the week became very pessimistic later in the week, however on the day the weather was pretty good. It was a great start to the season competitor- wise, with some new faces: Greg Holden in the beautiful silver XR Falcon GT and a guest appearance by Alan Pearce,  we also had the initial outing of Max Christensen’s new Torana driven by his father Ross as his re-engined L34 Torana is not quite ready. Although we had 17 cars at the track we lost Adam Wheeler with power steering issues before practice started. It was Bruce McRae who handled the slightly damp conditions best to put his Monaro on pole.

Race 1
Bruce who did such a good job in qualifying seemed to have a little nap as the lights went out and most of the field went past, miraculously without contact before he leapt into action to come from almost the rear of the field to finish 4th. Guest driver Alan Pearce who had qualified 3 was out on lap one with rear suspension issues. New member Greg Holden retired on lap 3 with a rear hub problem, along with Colin’s Camaro with a misbehaving bonnet. The final positions for Class A were Dean Perkins, Tony Galbraith and Andrew Turner. Class B was led home by Paul Burnet, then Michael Crawley in his new engined Commodore followed by Cam with new knees.

Race 2
There was a slight shower of rain at the start of Race 2 which led to some exciting moments for some drivers, with Andrew Turner touching the wall exiting Turn 1, which would put him out for the rest of the meeting. The handicapping seemed to work well with great battles going on throughout the field. This was to be the final race of the day for the debut Torana of the Christensen’s with the little 4 door LJ becoming hot and bothered on lap 4 and the team deciding to stop for the day. The eventual finishing positions being Greg Holden, Dean and then the 3 Tonys being Galbraith, Gordon and van Tiel.

Race 3
This was another handicap and was won again by Greg Holden as part of our ‘make new members welcome’ campaign followed home by Dean and Tony Gordon, with a rapidly improving Colin not far behind.
There was a good crowd for the after racing drinks with the quote of the day going to Bruce McRae
“I won dick of the day - what did you win?”

Posted: Tue 09 Sep 2014