Round 6 Hampton Downs (Sun 2 Mar)

Race 1:
Dean PerkinsStarts off as expected with Dean in the lead followed closely by Tony G and Justin. Still within the first lap Andrew is sliding at Marshall Point 4. Tony G catches up with Dean in the second lap and is holding strong.  Ross overtakes Smith and is coming close to doing the same to Colin. Tony V and Calvin are battling well, whilst Tony G is now looking a bit smokey at turn 1. Dean starts to pull away from Tony G for a bigger lead, but they are both still far in front of the others. Paul is out in the middle all by himself, looking like he is having fun! Graham is now at the back and Colin comes off at turn 2 and doesn’t re-join.
Paul has a little late breaking on the tight right hander, followed by a spin off from Andrew with a re-join after Graham.
1st, 2nd and 3rd are very spread out on the last lap and finishes as such.


  • Car #75, Dean, Time Penalty 5 Seconds. False Start. Decision #1
  • Car #319, Veen, Time Penalty 5 Seconds. False Start. Decision #2
  • Car #38, Paul, Time Penalty 5 Seconds. False Start. Decision #3
  • Car #74, Ross,Time Penalty 5 Seconds. False Start. Decision #4
  • Car 4 Colin : Did Not Finish
  • Car 16 Stu : Did Not Start

Class A Results
1st:  Dean Perkins
2nd: Tony Galbraith
3rd: Justin Butcher

Class B Results
1st:  Veen Smith
2nd: Paul Burnet
3rd: Tony van Tiel

Race 2:
Handicap – Stu takes up the start followed by Graham and Tony V. Ross has an off but re-joins. Smith is quickly catching up with Ross and both are following up Paul very swiftly.
Calvin has now overtaken Paul and looking to do the same to Tony V.
Smith and Ross are very close and Colin looks to be smoking behind them. Tony G comes through the smoke and overtakes Calvin, and Dean comes up the back very quickly.
Colin comes off the circuit at turn 3 not to re-join. Paul comes back in front of Calvin and also is now in front of Smith. Tony V seems to be staying steady throughout the race.
Stu is still in the lead at lap 6 and 7, but Dean has gone from 7th to 2nd in one lap!  Graham, Smith and Calvin have exchanged places a couple of times throughout the race. Paul has lost a couple of places by being over taken by Dean and Tony G, who have now stonked into first and second to take the race!

  • Car 4: Colin Meadows: Did Not Finish

Overall Results
1st: Dean  Perkins
2nd:Tony Galbraith
3rd: Tony van Tiel

Race 3:
Handicap Start – Dean starts a lap behind, with Stu and Graham off the lead. Tony V and Calvin are next off the line, followed by Paul and Ross. Smith and Justin are up next with Colin, Tony G and Dean trailing. Almost instantly Tony G is looking to take a position from Colin and Ross has caught up to Paul.
Lap 3 sees the end of Graham and Calvin slides out at turn 2. By the end of lap 4 Dean has overtaken Colin and Ross has taken a position from Paul. Justin is also getting close to Paul.
Stu now has Tony V on his tail, who in turn has Justin closing the gap up the rear. Tony G has gone up the inside of Veen on turn 4 who then stops at turn 5. Paul has now slipped into 7th position and Dean has made it into 3rd.
There has been some contact between Tony V and Dean on the sweeper, which leaves Justin to take the lead, closely followed by Tony G, Colin and Ross. Stu loses 3 places, Paul makes up a place before the end of the race with Dean behind him with Veen at the back.

  • Car 35: Tony V   Did Not Finish
  • Car 888: Calvin  Did Not Finish
  • Car 48: Graham Did Not Finish

Overall results
1st: Justin
2nd:Tony G
3rd: Colin

The placings in the sries are
Class A
Dean 600
Tony G 513
Justin 471

Things are much closer in class B
Veen 678
Stu    624
Ross 572

Thanks again to our sponsors
Nautech Electronics, Tony Gordon Panel Beaters and Pokeno Motel

Posted: Wed 19 Mar 2014