Round 2 Pukekohe Park Raceway (Sun 6 Oct 2013)

It was good to be back at Pukekohe on a fine day, with another great entry of cars including two guests: Bob Grove in his brand new Perana Capri, and John Mills in a recently purchased 68 Camaro.

Tony GalbraithRace 1 – From Turn 5 & 6: Dean Perkins still in the lead followed by Tony Gailbraith and Tony Gordon with Cameron Crawford moving up to 6th in Lap 1. Suddenly in the distance there comes lots of screeching followed by Yellow Flags and Safety Car, Dean Perkins in his Ford Falcon had understeered at the Castrol Corner and blown a tire.  Thony Gailbraith takes the lead followed by Tony Gordon and Andrew Turner. Perkins comes back on track to go straight down the escape road at the back of the new chicane. Number 5 appears to have disappeared from the track altogether.

Tony Gordon tries to take the inside line on Tony Gailbraith but doesn’t quite manage to overtake, however Veen Smith successfully overtakes Ron Findlay. Dean Perkins not to be seen during this lap. Veen Smith has some very late braking going on heading into the apex of turn 5 followed by a small amount of ‘bum wiggling’ by Ross Christensen coming out of the apex towards turn 6. Tony Gordon still in second but desperately trying to overtake Gailbraith this late in the race! Tony Van Tiel takes a spin on the grass and can’t manage to get the car to start again. ITM M2 Car goes out and checks under the bonnet to make sure there is no fire present and arranges for a Tow.

Final Standings: 43–Tony Gailbraith   59–Tony Gordon   80–Andrew Turner

Race 2 – From Turn 1: Handicap Start. First lap looking good with Stu Rowling in the lead followed by Tony Van Tiel and Bob Grove. Tony Galbraith after a great three abreast start spins backwards into the wall of turn 1. This causes Yellow Flags and a full restart.

Tony Van Tiel overtakes Stu Rowling on lap 1 and Bob Grove overtakes Ross Christensen for 4th position. Van Tiel is in the lead by a good 500 metres, leaving Stu Rowling in 2nd and Ron Findlay in 3rd. Bob Grove is still in 4th position. Dean Perkins has a lot of catching up to do. The gaps between Tony Gordon, Ross Graham and Andrew Turner are now growing. Van Tiel pulls a massive lead, leaving us with no doubt that he will win this race, followed by Bob Grove, Ron Findlay and Ross Christensen. Tony Gordon overtakes Veen Smith while Stu Rowling slips into 5th position. Dean Perkins is having trouble climbing back from last position due to the mishap at the beginning of the race.

In the final lap Tony Gordon shifts into 2nd position and Stu Rowling goes back into 9th position. Final Standings: 35–Tony Van Tiel   59–Tony Gordon   181–Ron Findlay.

Tony Gordon and Dean PerkinsRace 3 – From Start/Finish Line: Roll Up Delayed Start – Good start from Stu Rowling, Michael Crawley and Tony Van Tiel. Veen Smith has fallen to the very back. Michael Crawley has disappeared from the standings altogether and Andrew Turner has overtaken Cameron Crawford, only to be overtaken himself by Dean Perkins. Veen Smith is at the very back and seems to have slowed some. Ron Findlay has moved from 3rd to 5th place and Dean Perkins from 5th into 2nd.

Andrew Turner comes in and steals 2nd position from Stu Rowling who has slipped into 4th and Tony Van Tiel coming from 4th to 3rd only to finish the race in 2nd! Final Standings: 75–Dean Perkins   35–Tony Van Tiel   181–Ron Findlay



Posted: Sun 20 Oct 2013