Round 7 Pukekohe Park Raceway (Sun 5th May 2013)

5th May 2013

The day was fine when we arrived at the track but were pleased to see that the V8 Supercar pit tents were still up as the weather forecast for the day was less than perfect. There had been a race meeting at the track the day before and the Honda Cup class was also racing on the Sunday, it was however quite sobering to see the number of damaged cars that were still in the garages. On a more cheerful note it was good to have a new car race with us, Stuart Rowling from Hamilton with his very nice Walkinshaw Commodore. We hope Stuart will join the club and race with us next season.


We were the second group to qualify on a damp but drying track. All the extra concrete barriers obviously slow down the drying process. Paul Burnet and the pink Torana was fastest at 1:19.1 followed by Ron Findlay in the Perana Capri at 1:22.5 and then Duane Ingley in the 65 Mustang at 1:22.5.

Race 1 was held in dry conditions on a dry track. Before Paul had got down the back straight he was passed by the big horsepower cars of Tony Gordon and Duane Ingley. After some close battling between Duane, Paul and Ron, Duane eventually went onto the grass at the hairpin where both Paul and Ron managed to get past. Tony had disappeared up the road after missing out the new part of the back straight. This was to catch up with him however as the official results, which added 10 seconds to his race time, show Paul 1st, Tony then followed by Duane.

Race 2 was run in very wet conditions with a few less cars after Paul withdrew after Marty noticed fuel leaking out of the fuel pump, and Duane, Tony and Ron decided they weren’t ducks and waited it out in the dry. This race was a Tony Gordon Panel Beaters prize money race as we had not had the handicap race the previous meeting due to the meeting being called off after only one race. Ross led the way, followed by Rowan Tonkin and Michael Crawley.



Race 3 This was also run in wet conditions with Ross again getting the prize money with Rowan Tonkin 2nd. It was good to note that there was no damage sustained in our class, particularly when two races were held in very difficult conditions.

The final results for the year are:

Class A 1st Ross Golding 2nd Duane Ingley 3rd Dean Perkins

Class B 1st Paul Burnet 2nd Graham Cargill 3rd Michael Crawley

Invitation Class 1st Ron Finlay 2nd Tony Gordon 3rd Mike Dias


Posted: Sun 05 May 2013