Round 6 Pukekohe Park Raceway (20th April 2013)

20 April 2013
Graham Cargill's ChargerIt was a small field of NMC cars that entered this meeting after some had raced the weekend before at the ITM 400. For the 2 members that did back up one needed emergency  panel beating (Paul Burnet) and the other Ross Golding needed to go to his backup car as the damage on his usual race car was too great to be fixed in time. Club member Tony Galbraith also received extensive damage at the ITM meeting.

Photo of Pinky courtesy of Brian MillerThis meeting was the second Saturday meeting of the season and was also wet although the day started out ok weather wise, albeit in contradiction of the forecast. Qualifying was held in warm dry conditions with Paul Burnet managing to put the Pink Torana on pole with a time of 1:16.6, with Duane Ingley second in the Mustang and Ross Golding third in the Marlboro Commodore.

Ross Golding's CommodoreAll classes except the sports cars and NMC had one race in the dry. Our race was postponed until after the lunch break to give the track a chance to drain. When it finally got underway, the race was run under wet conditions but it was not raining at the time. All members managed to navigate the  tricky conditions with Paul Burnet leading the NMC cars home, followed by Class A member Ross Golding and then Class B member Graham Cargill, then Class A member Duane Ingley.

All cars were gridded up on the dummy grid waiting for Race 2 when the heavens opened and after much deliberation and track inspection the meeting was called off due to the conditions being too dangerous.

As we did not have a second handicap race, no prize money was paid and this will jackpot to our final round to be held at Pukekohe on Sunday May 5th.

Posted: Sat 20 Apr 2013