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Before you go motor racing you need to comply with MotorSport New Zealand rules.  The first thing to do is to join a MotorSport New Zealand-affiliated car club, such as the Auckland Car Club or the Pukekohe Car Club. It is through these clubs that you need to obtain your racing licence. Talk to the committee for more information about this.

It's important that you read and understand the MotorSport New Zealand requirements.These are set out in the MotorSport manual which you receive when you get your racing licence. They are also available on the MotorSport New Zealand website. Below are a few points to bear in mind, however this is not a full listing of requirements.

Clothing and Fire Extinguisher

Listed below is a brief summary of the regulations covering clothing and fire extinguisher.  

For national permit status race events (e.g. Northern Muscle Car races), competitors will need the following as a minimum:

  • Helmet (Standard SA2000, SA2005, SA95, M2000, M2005, SFI, BS6658-85, or European E Mark/ECE)
  • Overalls (Cotton with close fitting cuffs and ankles)
  • Closed shoes and cotton socks
  • Fire Extinguisher (0.9kg dry powder or 1 litre foam in the vehicle. This must be serviced annually by an authorised supplier, and signed and dated.

Roll Cage

For closed road registered vehicles, roll protection is not required. For open vehicles or closed vehicles that are not road registered, a roll bar is required. For vehicles carrying a passenger a roll cage is required.

Roll protection requires homologation and a vehicle logbook. The application forms for these can be found on the MotorSport New Zealand website.


Handling fuel carefully is an important part of keeping motorsport safe for everyone.

MotorSport New Zealand sets out the requirements around the Safe Practice for Transportation, Storage and Handling of Motorsport Fuel. The three key points of the Code are:

  • Safely locate / secure your fuel during transportation and safely store it when at events.
  • Never use an open type funnel when dispensing fuel and / refueling your vehicle.
  • Always keep a fire extinguisher close by.

View the summary of the requirements.  


Transponders are required for our series. These can either be purchased, or hired on the day.

View transponder information.

Other Requirements

For information on all safety related requirements refer to Schedule A which is also available on the MotorSport New Zealand website.