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Northern Muscle Cars (originally called the Muscle Car Road Race Series) was established in 2001.  Until that time the founders of the series were participating in another racing class, but decided to split off and establish a new series in order to allow the desired level of modification and competition.

They wanted a class that would allow more consistent and complete race car preparation, including a wide variety of modifications to engine, braking and suspension packages.  The Northern Muscle Car Series also allows the use of DOT registered radial race tyres.

Our series is often invited to participate in a number of different car clubs events, mostly held at Pukekohe Park Raceway.  A typical season sees us with a schedule of approximately eight races each year. 

Northern Muscle Cars operates three classes of racing:

  • Class A is for cars that lap Pukekohe faster than 1 minute 6.5 seconds
  • Class B is for cars that lap Pukekohe slower than 1 minute 6.5 seconds
  • Invitation Class is for cars slightly outside our rules but have been invited by the committee

All classes run in the same field at race meetings, but points are awarded separately for each class.

The intention of the invitation class is that those cars are encouraged to be modified to comply with our rules. Please email the committee with driver and car details to request an invitation.